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Horace M. Balmer, Undertaker
Horace M. Balmer, Undertaker

H. M. Balmer

No wealth or power can stay the ravages of time not affect the harvest of the grim reaper - Death_ that ever and anon crosses the threshold and obliges bereaved relatives to pay toll to such indispensable establishments as that conducted by Mr. Balmer. He is located in the middle room in the Masonic Temple at No. 147 West Mountain avenue. Mr. Balmer is a licensed embalmer as well as a funeral director and has been in business for about eight years. He has an elegant rubber-tired funeral carriage, a beautiful new casket wagon and everything required to make his place first class and second to none, and the manner in which he conducts business makes his place grow steadily in favor with those whom sad circumstances compel to seek such services. Mr. Balmer is coroner of Larimer county and is a well and favorably known public man. He has long been a prominent figure in the city, is a K. P. and Elk, and takes a deep interest in all affairs concerning the welfare of the city.

Anderson & Evans

In this review of the business institutions of the City of Fort Collins it behooves us to give due mention of a comparatively recent but progressive firm such as that of Anderson & Evans, who are real estate agents and buy and sell livestock on commission, and are in league with Harry W. Cross & Co., of Chicago, who do a general real estate business throughout the state. Although recently established this firm has by adopting standard business methods, already commanded a growing and prosperous trade. They are financially responsible; punctual in their settlements with their patrons, and are fair and honorable in all their dealings.

At present they have 500 or 600 stock cattle of native soil. The partners, Mr. J. A. Anderson and Mr. A. C. Evans, are men of high repute, good business ability and practical knowledge and experience. They are welcome additions to the ranks of our merchants and are worthy and public spirited citizens. Their premises are at the corner of Walnut and Pine streets.
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