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City Drug Store, located at the corner of Linden and Jefferson Streets, c. 1906
City Drug Store, located at the corner of Linden and Jefferson Streets,
c. 1906

City Drug Store

To the person afflicted by any of the many ills that flesh is heir to, there is no place of greater importance than a reliable store where pure and fresh medicines can be obtained. In Fort Collins the afflicted person can, with confidence, resort to that old established and well-known store known as "City Drug Store," situated at the corner of Jefferson and Linden streets. Here the proprietor, Mr. Frank P. Stover, assisted by experienced and capable clerks, conducts a flourishing business in the supply of reliable and pure drugs. The store, which measures 25x90 feet, is elegantly fitted and sumptuously stocked, and contains all drugs and other articles to be found in a first class drug store. Mr. Stover is known as a careful and conscientious prescriptionist, and enjoys the distinction of possessing the oldest drug store in the city. The business was established in 1872 and has always enjoyed a liberal patronage and maintained an excellent reputation. Mr. Stover is not only an able, successful and responsible druggist, but is a prominent citizen who is ever ready to aid any movement having for its object the betterment of the city in which he abides. In addition to the drug store Mr. Stover carries on a large trade in glass, putty, paint, oil and varnish.

The Trimble Rooming House

This house was recently established and supplies a long felt want. It is the only first class rooming house catering to the transient trade, and contains fifteen clean, well ventilated and cheerful rooms, all newly and exceptionally well furnished. The rooms are provided with electric light, have stationary wash bowls with running hot and cold water and are scrupulously clean. The Trimble House is conveniently close to the depot, being located at No. 138 North College avenue, and it is safe to say that there is no rooming house in the city that is so well equipped with modern comforts and conveniences or offers more desirable and comfortable rooms to transients or others. The proprietress is Mrs. Edith Simpson, a native of Michigan, who has been six years in this State, and came here from Cripple Creek, where for years she engaged in the same line of business. She is a bright, capable and enterprising business woman, whose tact and affability warrant the assertion that her establishment will soon become the leading and favorite transient rooming house of the city. Considering the locality and excellent accommodation, the rates are extremely moderate, being 50c, 75c and $1.00 per day, and from $3.50 to $6.50 per week.
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