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Old City Hotel, made of native stone, 317 Jefferson Street
Old City Hotel, made of native stone, 317 Jefferson Street

City Hotel

This hotel is located at 317 Jefferson street and is owned by Mr. Henry Sherer, a native of Pennsylvania. It consists of a building of three stories and contains no less than thirty comfortable and desirable bedrooms, besides dining room, etc. The hotel is well furnished, receives good support and is fitted throughout with electric light. It is within easy reach of the depot and considering the quality of board, comfort of rooms, and excellency of service, the charges are indisputably fair and reasonable. The rates are $1 per day or $5 per week. Mr. Sherer is attentive to the comforts of his guests and although but recently in possession, is sure at all times to receive his fair share of patronage.

Frank Elliot

The rapid growth of Fort Collins, especially during the past two years, and the erection of so many fine homes have been responsible for a briskness in all trades related or connected with building - and there is no tradesman who has enjoyed more cordial and steady occupation than Mr. Frank Elliot, painter and paperhanger, dealer in paint, lead, oil and glass and a recognized expert in picture framing and decorating. Mr. Elliot has no hesitation in guaranteeing satisfaction and is a most careful, conscientious and reliable tradesman. He employees from three to ten men, and has been in business for seven years. He is prominent in fraternal circles, being a member of the Maccabees and other leading lodges. His store is located at No. 140 South College avenue.
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