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Prospect Park, c. 1910
Prospect Park, c. 1910

The Northern Colorado Fair Association

A fair will be given at Prospect Park, in the latter part of September under the control of the above named organization.

Twelve directors, nine men and three women, have been selected with a view of having each one take charge of some special feature.

C. O. Culver, president; Prof. W. L. Carlyle will have charge of the horse department; I. W. Bennett of the cattle; John Law of the sheep; Adelbert Brown, swine; W. H. Pring, poultry; J. McClelland, fruit department; Nathan Warren, machinery; Prof. W. H. Olin, the agricultural display; Mrs. P. J. McHugh, Prof. Theodosia Ammons and Mrs. L. R. Rhodes will have charge of the art and domestic science displays.

It is the purpose to give the largest and best fair ever held in the state. While the name would indicate that the fair is local, in the stock displays competition is thrown open to the world. The fair will last for four days and the fifth day will be a general sales day, so that persons from outside the state who exhibit stock will have an opportunity to dispose of them on the ground.

The Park management are sparing no expense to accommodate this great display. Seven acres of the park will be covered almost entirely with barns, sheds and accommodations for display stock. In addition to this there will be over one hundred box stalls for racers, a splendid racing programme being connected with the fair proper.

The members of the directorate have seen the best state fairs, and propose to go one better, attaching the English system of fairs by having a sales day where all stock exhibited may be offered for sale in a community where the farmers and stock raising people have plenty of money to buy.
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