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Frank L. Garnick, c. 1903
Frank L. Garnoch, c. 1903

Garnoch & Son

In referring to the principal houses or firms connected with the building and contracting industry of Fort Collins, it is necessary that we should make a special mention of such an old established and reliable firm as that of Garnoch & Son.

The business of this firm was established over 25 years ago by Mr. Thos. Garnoch [Garnick], the senior partner, one of the city's most respected tradesmen and pioneers. The firm does a large trade as contractors, undertaking contracts to build an entire home and sub-letting the contracts other than that referring to or pertaining to the joiner work. They have a large piece of business located at 204 Jefferson street, in which is a steam plant for the purpose of sawing, turning, moulding, etc. The firm employs a large number if experienced men, and do one of the largest trades in their line in the city. By an honest and careful fulfillment of all contracts the firm has entrenched itself in the confidence and esteem of the public, and well merit the liberal support they receive. Mr. Thos. Garnoch is man of enterprise and industry, who has been the architect of his own fortune. He owns a valuable ranch and other property in the famous Poudre Valley. Associated with him in business is his son, Mr. Frank L. Garnoch, a thrifty and industrious young man, and a worthy son of a worthy father. The fraternal sympathies of father and son are enlisted with the Masons.
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