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133 W. Mountain, Center Building, c. 1902
133 W. Mountain, Center Building, c. 1902

The Hanford Insurance Agency

This company is purely and simply an insurance agency and has the distinction of being the only one of its kind in the city. The management conduct a general insurance business, attending to insurance in all its branches, but make a specialty of fire insurance. It is well known that there is a fierce competition in the insurance field and the wisdom of this agency in confining their efforts to the one line and doing it well, is apparent by the business in all branches of insurance which this agency receives. The president of the Company is Mr. L. W. Welch, a highly esteemed citizen, while Mr. M. P. Hanford is Secretary and Manager. He has been in the city for 12 years and even years ago embarked on his present enterprise in which, by honest and straightforward dealings, he has met with that success which only these hig qualifications can beget. Their office is located at No. 133 West Mountain avenue.

F. A. Mathews

One of the leading and principal stores of the City of Fort Collins is that conducted by Mr. F. A. Mathews in the Miller block at 158 Linden street and known as the Linden Street market. Mr. Mathews is a wholesale and retail butcher, dealing in choice fresh and salt meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, oysters in season, etc. His store is liberally stocked and for eighteen years he has supplied to a numerous, high class patronage the good things of this life. His goods are strictly first class and his patrons can with confidence rely on the fineness and quality of any goods derived from his store. Mr. Mathews hails from Minnesota. His fraternal sympathies are with the Elks. Personally he is a man of sterling business principles, honest, industrious and obliging, and is not only a very successful merchant but a prominent citizen ever interested in the amelioration of the city and the prosperity of its citizens. He is the only independent butcher in the city, and makes a point of handling nothing but Larimer county stock.
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