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Chambers Lake, Poudre Canyon, 1905
Chambers Lake, Poudre Canyon, 1905

Fort Collins, Colorado, A City of Achievements and Opportunities

[This is a reproduction of the original text in the "1905 Chamber of Commerce Brochure" compiled and edited by R.H. White. The photographs are not from the brochure, but have been added from the Archive's on-line collection to illustrate some aspect of the description, i.e. the owner, type, or locations of the business. There are some errors in spelling and the corrections are in brackets.]

This publication has been got up to convey to home seekers and investors an accurate statement of the achievements and opportunities of the city of Fort Collins. The publishers have taken every precaution to guard against the insertion of any matter that is either misleading, ambiguous or incorrect. Of course, what has been achieved it is easy to compute and is subject to prompt verification. Fortunately its opportunities are not of the speculative nature, such as that of gold or silver mining, but on the other hand are pretty much apparent to any practical business man. The population of the city is only over 7,000 although the city is one of the oldest in the state. Of late years, however, the resources of the district have been developed by the erection of a sugar beet factory and consequent cultivation of sugar beets, as also by the investment of large capital for the purpose of irrigation, resulting in an extensive trade in lamb feeding and stock raising, all of which combine to make Fort Collins and neighboring district a most desirable field for the safe and profitable investment of capital, especially in industries which are more closely connected or associate with agriculture.
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