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Larimer County Light and Power Plant, c. 1906
Larimer County Light and Power Plant, c. 1906

The Larimer Light and Power Company

This concern was established 15 years ago and has been under its present management for three years, during which time the plant has been thoroughly overhauled and brought up-to-date, the management having only lately put in two large boilers, each of which has a capacity of 150-horsepower, as also one 200 K. W. general electric 3-phase alternator, and one 75 K. W. general electric 3-phase alternator, both of these alternators being of the latest and most improved type. The company have a 250-horsepower Corliss engine, and a 100-horsepower Ball High speed engine. They have a direct current arc street light and an electric current in business district 24 hours per day, hence the electric signs to be seen at our principal stores. If fact everything has been done that consideration and money could devise and provide to make the system as complete and satisfactory as could be desired. In recent years, particularly, the company has been exceedingly well managed and last year had the satisfaction of seeing its customers increase by one-third of the number of the previous year, the management making it a point to see that the homes of newcomers or others are, on request, provided with electric lights, and motor power is furnished on the shortest possible notice. The service is beyond question most satisfactory and is appreciated by the customers, while the rate charged is very reasonable. The plant is owned by Colorado Springs gentlemen of whom Mr. Irving W. Bonbright is the principal. The local manager is Mr. H. E. Malcouronne, while Mr. N. Towns is electrician. The recent success of the company is attributable in no small degree to the wise management and practical knowledge of these gentlemen and reflects much credit on their business ability, capacity and judgement. The office of the company is at 210 West Mountain avenue.
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