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Livermore Store and Hotel, c. 1910
Livermore Store and Hotel, c. 1910

Livermore Summer Resort

In this age of hurry and hustle it is absolutely necessary in order to preserve a vigorous and healthy physical and mental condition for the busy man to rest at whiles so as to recuperate. To the man in search of pleasure, recuperation or recreation there is nothing more profitable or enjoyable than a vacation spent in one of the famous summer resorts of Colorado, the land of sunshine, whose every breeze bears health upon its wings. In this connection we would refer to the Livermore Summer Resort. This beautiful resort is situated on the northern fork of the Cache la Poudre river, about 24 miles from Fort Collins. The resort is west from Fort Collins. The resort is which makes daily trips, and there are also three tri-weekly return trips to it from Vadale, Zimmerman and St. Cloud. The resort is surrounded by mountainous scenery, and there is excellent grazing in the locality, the place being practically in the center of large cattle ranches. The proprietor is Mr. G. W. Ramer, who well knows how to conduct a popular resort of this kind. At Livermore there is a hotel containing 20 rooms, all steam heated and furnished with electric light, hot and cold water, stationary bowls, and there are also public and private baths. The resort is fitted up with every modern convenience equal to any first-class hotel in the Western States. At Livermore there are a postoffice, a central telephone office with over 50 connecting phones, a number of cottages, and a town hall, where dances, concerts, etc., are held. There are also a general store, a blacksmith shop, and a livery barn containing accommodations for 40 horses. The coach leaves Fort Collins at 6:30 a. m. and the fare is $1.00.
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