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Moody-Warren Grain Elevator [later Strang], c. 1948
Moody-Warren Grain Elevator [later Strang], c. 1948

The Moody-Warren Commercial Co.

In every city of any importance are establishments which by reason of superiority of merchandise, excellency in management, and intelligence of owners, are pre-eminent and tower above the other competitors, as does the majestic oak tower above the other trees of the forest. Among the city's commercial establishments we have the conspicuous, progressive and prosperous Moody-Warren Commercial company. The business of this concern was established twenty years ago and its growth and prosperity have always kept steady pace with city's development. The company has offices at No. 133 North College avenue and a grain elevator with a capacity for 20,000 bushels of grain. They are wholesale dealers in produce, hay and grain, as also dealers in farm machinery, buggies, wagons, coal, grass seed, sacks and twine, and do the largest trade in their line in the city or vicinity. Their warehouse is large and contains a very valuable and comprehensive stock. They have numerous employees wagons, etc., and are known as financially strong, reliable and strictly honorable merchants. The partners are Mr. A. A. Moody, a native of New York and Mr. N. C. Warren, a son of the state. Both are members of the Elks and are two of the city's characteristic and representative merchants. To such firma is a city indebted for her importance and success in commerce and no more worthy merchants or citizens are to be found in any city of the state.

Blackner & McIntosh

This firm, although established but a year ago, has by energetic and straightforward efforts, already attained a very prominent position in its line. Blackner & McIntosh are wholesale and retail dealers in all kinds of groceries and bakery goods, and deal in fine candies, cigars, etc. They have a large store at No. 164 College avenue, employ seven capable assistants, and have one delivery wagon. They have an extensive and prosperous city trade and are recognized as dealers in high grade merchandise. The partners are Mr. S. S. Blackner, a native of North Carolina, fraternally associate with the Elks, and Mr. Chas. McIntosh, a native of this state, whose fraternal sympathies are enlisted with the Masons. Both are industrious and upright merchants who well deserve the liberal support given them in the city of which they are so loyal and enthusiastic citizens.
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