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Trimble Block businesses, 100 block of North College, east side, c. 1905
M. A. Norton, 130 North College in the Trimble Block, c. 1905

Mme. M. A. Norton

It is necessary to the prosperity of a city that there should be in its midst representatives of the many and various callings that supply the wants and comforts of its citizens. This is particularly true of clothing and dress establishments - in which connection we would refer to the business of Mme. Norton, who conducts a dressmaking and ladies tailoring establishment at 130 North College avenue. She came here from Denver about two years ago and is an artistic and capable dress maker and tailoress. She has excellent taste and her work is exquisite in style and admirable in fit. She is well worthy of support and deserves credit for her laudable enterprise. She endeavors to run a first-class business only and operates accordingly.

H. G. Diercks

The different trades in Fort Collins are well represented, and are conducted by men known as capable and reliable tradesmen. Mr. Diercks has for years been engaged in the tinning, plumbing and heating business, and has by a careful and prompt attention to all work entrusted to him, whether contract or jobbing, built up such a business as demands the services of six experienced assistants.

The store measures 25x100 feet and is located at No. 226 Walnut street. He has a fine stock of bath tubs and all other articles in his line.

Mr. Diercks is agent for the "Front Rank Steel Furnaces" and is undoubtedly one of the city's most reliable and prosperous tradesman. His fraternal sympathies are with the Masons, of which he is an active member.
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