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Fort Collins Packing House, c. 1925
Fort Collins Packing House, c. 1925

The Fort Collins Packing Co.

One of the oldest, most reliable and most successful business establishments in Fort Collins is that of the Packing Company established about 20 years ago and in addition to its packing plant conducting two large meat markets located at No. 229 Linden street and 113 College avenue, respectively. The Company deal in fresh and salt meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. and do a very large important and steady trade. Their merchandise is thoroughly reliable and they have the finest stores in their line in the city. Their patronage is of the very best, and customers can rely on courteous and prompt service at all times. The Company is incorporated under the State laws. The officers are Mr. Thomas Beach, president, who has for 30 years been closely associated with the city's business career and progress. Mr. George L. Makpeace is Secretary, while Mr. S. J. Reed is Treasurer. All are men well known and highly esteemed in business and social circles, who take a deep interest in all things relating to the welfare of the city of which they are so prominent merchants and citizens.

The Corbin-Black Lumber Co.

It is of the utmost importance in a review of this kind that due publicity should be given to those establishments whose growth and prosperity are representative of, and, at least, commensurate with, the expansion and prosperity of the city. In this connection we would refer to the Corbin-Black Lumber Company. The business of this concern was established 25 years ago by Mr. Twiford Corbin, and the company was incorporated under the Colorado state laws in 1890. The company deal in lumber, building materials, sash, doors, glass, oil, brushes, Lincoln paint, etc. have a branch off ice in Wellington, where they also handle hardware and implements in connection with the lumber department and do one of the largest trades in their line in Northern Colorado. The entire local premises of this company extend to 70,000 square feet, 13,000 of which are utilized as shed room. On the premises are erected a two-story substantial brick block in which are the company's offices, etc. The officers of the company are: Mr. Franklin Corbin, president; Mr. C. A. Black, secretary, and Mr. C. J. Corbett, treasurer. Mr. Black is treasurer of the local Chamber of Commerce and alderman from the Fourth ward. All the partners are public-spirited citizens, held in high esteem in business and social circles, and are men of unfailing courtesy and absolute integrity.
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