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Peter Anderson Store, featuring Farm Implements and Coal, c. 1900
Peter Anderson Store, featuring Farm Implements and Coal, c. 1900

The P. Anderson Mercantile Company

This company was established two years ago and is incorporated under the Colorado state laws. The company deals in all kinds of hardware, farm implements, including the famous Deere plows, buggies and wagons, and are dealers in coal and do an immense trade in city and country. The offices, etc., of this company are located at No. 222 Walnut street, in which are employed a force of competent assistants. The company is well managed and is financially strong and in every way reliable. The proprietor is Mr. P. Anderson, a prominent Mason, who has figured conspicuously in the building up of the prosperity of the city of which he is one of the most respected and esteemed citizens.

Mr. Anderson is keenly alive to the opportunities of the city and takes a most praiseworthy interest in all that pertains to its welfare. He is a man of unwavering rectitude and it is to such men that a city is indebted for her position and prosperity in the field of trade ands commerce.

New Method Laundry

Although but recently established this concern has made its existence in the city well known and that in a very practical way. The laundry is situated at No. 145 North College avenue, and is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date appliances and improvements. The proprietor, Mr. R. A. Pulley, is a native of Illinois and an old hand in this line, having for the past fifteen years been engaged in steam laundry work. He thus has come well qualified from experience to operate successfully such an undertaking. All work is done carefully and satisfactorily. Mr. Pulley is a young man of pronounced energy and enterprise, who is well known in fraternal circles, being a member of the Maccabees and other prominent lodges.
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