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143 N. College, New College Panitoria, c. 1904
143 N. College, New College Panitoria, c. 1904

The New College Panitoria

This concern is located at No. 143 North College avenue and here are accommodated those in search of fine tailoring and dyeing, repairing and remodeling of garments. It is the only institution of its kind in the city and is thriving and steadily expanding. It is well worth a visit of those whose needs are in its line as patrons can rely on careful and satisfactory work. The Panitoria is conducted by L. Kramer, who is also a well-known professor in dancing - instructing in all kinds of ball room dances, and teaching children all kinds of fancy dances.

T. J. Warren & Co.

The city of Fort Collins is fortunate in having in its ranks of merchants young men of vigor, enterprise and business ability, in witness whereof we would refer to the firm of T. J. Warren & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in hay, grain and seeds, as also implements and vehicles, sacks and twine, and further as a specialty dealing in coal. The firm was established about a year ago and by commendable adherence to strict business methods and a reliability of merchandise, have acquired not only a good name but a thriving and expanding trade. The offices of the firm are at No. 144 West Mountain avenue, where numerous employees are kept busy attending to the fulfillment of the firm's orders. The firm take an intelligent interest in the affairs of the city and are enthusiastic merchants and citizens.
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