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100 Block N. College, Opera House Block on left, c. 1904
100 Block N. College, Opera House Block on left, c. 1904

C. S. Potter

In the ranks of the city's legal profession are to be found men of conspicuous energy and enterprise and of such is Mr. C. S. Potter, a graduate of Detroit College of Law, whose office is located in the Opera House block. Mr. Potter is quite a young man and has been in practice in the city for a little over a year. He is the Secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce and discharges the duties pertaining thereto with characteristic vigor and thoroughness.

Elk Billiard Parlor

E. C. Wigle

Every reasonable person in whatever path of life, must recognize that recreation is indispensable to a healthy and vigorous life. While the capitalist can turn to his club or betake himself to his yacht, the men less blessed with this world's goods have such institutions as that of the Elk Billiard Parlor, located at 206 Linden street. These parlors are very popular and are well conducted. The proprietor, Mr. Wigle, is a Canadian by birth and came to Colorado from Detroit, Mich., and has successfully conducted his present enterprise for over three years. He has seven pool tables and one billiard table, and the manner in which these are patronized demonstrates how popular such a recreation is and how much it is appreciated. Mr. Wigle has the tact to conduct such a place as it ought to be conducted, and by doing so has won the support of the public for his resort.
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