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Fort Collins Brick Factory on S. Taft Hill Road
Fort Collins Brick Factory on S. Taft Hill Road

The Fort Collins Pressed Brick Co.

This is an enterprising and successful company that is forging ahead in its line by the supply of first class material, good workmanship, and a reliability in fulfillment of their contracts. The Company has a very large trade and furnished the brick used in the construction of Fort Collins sugar beet factory, as also for the new building at State Agricultural College just completed, and the Fort Collins High School. They furnished the prettiest tints and colors from the finest shale, and their products are in demand all through the northern part of the state. The company is financially strong and in every way responsible. The officers are Mr. J. J. Cooke, of Denver, president, and Mr. J. W. Cummer, secretary. They are men of excellent repute, shrewd in business, and highly esteemed in both business and social circles.

The Tyler-Lowe Mercantile Company

In all branches of trade or commerce in a city of any importance we find establishments conspicuous for enterprise and magnitude and of such in our city is the Tyler-Lowe Mercantile Co. The business of this company was established five years ago and has as years passed by steadily and conservatively increased. The company deal in general merchandise, including fine, staple and fancy groceries, fruits, vegetables, dry goods, shoes, rubber footwear, ladies suits, cloaks, carpets and curtains, men's furnishing goods, etc. and have very large, well stocked and conveniently arranged offices and store measuring 60x90 feet, located at No. 109-115 South College avenue. The company have the largest store in their line in the city. The officers of the company are Mr. J. W. Lowe, president; Mr. F. L. Lowe, secretary; Mr. J. E. Lowe, treasurer, and Mr. T. Loveland, manager. All are known in business circles as straightforward and responsible merchants and are public-spirited citizens who have the weal and prosperity of the city and its citizens at heart and are ready to further any movement tending to better the condition of the commonwealth.
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