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The Plattner Implement Co., 257 Linden, c. 1900-01
The Plattner Implement Co., 257 Linden,
c. 1900-01

Fort Collins, Prospects and Opportunities

In referring to the prospects and opportunities offered by Fort Collins in the way of the establishment of new industries in or near, and appropriate to the city or its surroundings, we shall refrain from indulging in reckless statements or execrable hyperbole, which so often characterize publications made for the purpose of what is known as "boosting" a territory.

The prospects of the city are apparent in whatever line we choose to look at, whether it be in building, agricultural resources and developments or otherwise. The city has thrown off its swaddling clothes and is in a healthy and right condition for the reception of new and substantial industries. Real estate has almost doubled in value in a little over a year. There are no vacant houses and everything points to a period of continued prosperity and growth. If the proper railroad communication was got, there are tremendous deposits of fine coal within 80 miles of the city, which could be secured and profitably operated. We understand that a line has been surveyed for this purpose and will soon be in the course of construction. The district supplies enormous crops of fruit and vegetables and beyond a doubt there is not a city in the state that presents a more splendid opening for a canning factory. This city can take charge of a canning factory, as also a creamery, and there is room for a paper factory, starch factory, fruit and vegetable growers, poultry farms, cheese factory and other enterprises connected with the resources of large and fertile agricultural district. The industrial enterprises of the city and the resources of the county are not on a speculative basis. Land values are low considering the attractive capacity of the soil, but no one thinks of giving away, and on the other hand, there is no person demanding fancy or fictitious values. The home seeker or settler, who is fortunate to make his home in Fort Collins will find abundant opportunities for enterprise on a legitimate basis. It is on such a basis that an invitation is extended to all to become settlers of Fort Collins, the metropolis of Colorado.
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