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419 Mathews
419 Mathews

H. M. Schroeder

Mr. Schroeder is a contractor and builder and has a workshop at No. 201 East Mountain avenue, corner of Mountain and Remington. He is known as a faithful and capable tradesman, has a large and fine trade, and can be depended on to satisfactorily fulfill all contracts undertaken by him. His prosperity has been due to fine material and workmanship, combined with honorable conduct and treatment of patrons. Mr. Schroeder is an old timer and has a reputation for excellent and conservative work. His patrons are assured of a satisfactory job. Among the many public buildings and fine homes in the city and vicinity that are enduring monuments to his skill and ability may be mentioned the handsome residences of C. B. Andrews, C. H. Sheldon and other. Mr. Schroeder for some years was a city alderman. He takes great interest in public matters and is a highly respected and loyal hearted citizen. His residence is at 419 Mathews street.

The Knowlton-Bollen Construction Company

An important and widely known enterprise having its headquarters in Fort Collins, is that of the Knowlton-Bollen Construction Co., located at No. 201 North College avenue. The business of this Company was established years ago under the Colorado State Laws. The Company does an extensive business as contractors in railroad, ditch and reservoir grading, wheelers, slips, buck scrapers, rock carts and drills; have hundreds of employees, and are the largest employers of labor in this part of the state. Their trade is not confined to the city and state but extends throughout the west generally. The company buy and sell horses and hire teams by day or month. The successful career of this company is attributable to honesty in all their business transactions, and a faithful and satisfactory fulfillment of all their contracts. The officers of the company are Mr. W. W. Knowlton, president; Mr. B. F. Bollen, vice president; Mr. R. H. Davidson, second vice president, and Mr. Harry E. Knowlton, secretary-treasurer and general manager. They are representative business men who are esteemed and loyal citizens ever interested in all that pertains to the welfare of the city in which their lot is so pleasantly cast.
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