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The Great Western Sugar Company, c. 1904
The Great Western Sugar Company, c. 1904

Sugar Beet Factory

The erection of this factory is a standing tribute to the enterprise foresight and grit of the merchants and businessmen of Fort Collins. The plant was originated by prominent citizens who had sufficient confidence in the stability and prosperity of the city, that in 1901, after due deliberation and many meetings they resolved to construct this important and highly successful establishment. The factory cost over $1,200,000 and is provided with the most improved machinery, and in the opinion of those competent to judge, is declared to be one of the best equipped sugar factories in the United States. The incentive thus given to farmers to raise sugar beets has had the most gratifying results. It has been clearly demonstrated that the soil is favorable to such cultivation, and not only so, but the soil yields a larger tonnage per acre as compared with that produced in other parts of the country; also the sugar is of superior quality to that of any other beet raising district. The factory operates for three months in the year; has a capacity of 1,200 tons per day; a monthly pay roll of $30,000; gives employment to about 600 men; and is the cause of distributing nearly one-half million dollars to farmers for beets. During the working season it is no unusual thing to have delivered at the factory about 1,000 tons of beets in wagon loads, and about 25,000 tons in car loads. Last year the factory made over 18,000,000 pounds of sugar and operated day and night. Its employees received not only the highest standard wages, but are treated with the utmost consideration as regards personal comforts, etc.

The success of the enterprise has been beyond expectations and has materially contributed to the growth of the city, the prosperity of its citizens, and has proved an invaluable blessing to the farmers, who have not only been encouraged to raise more profitable crops but have at the same time derived from the sugar pulp a valuable commodity, which, combined with alfalfa, has proven to be a source of profit in feeding stock, such as sheep and cattle.
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