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Duling's 1929 yearbook photo
Robert Duling
1929 Silver Spruce yearbook

Who was Robert Duling?

Robert Duling's scrapbook was loaned to the archive by C.J. Arnaudo, a relative of Mr. Duling's. She informed us that Mr. Duling had been a photographer for the Colorado Agricultural College's (now CSU) student yearbook Silver Spruce while he was in college and that he had also taken many photographs of Fort Collins. Ms. Arnaudo allowed the Archive to scan the scrapbook for our collection.

Robert Duling hailed from Trinidad and attended Colorado Agricultural College (C.A.C.) from 1926-1928. He is listed as a freshman in the 1927 Silver Spruce, a sophomore in the 1928 Silver Spruce, and as a junior in the 1929 Silver Spruce. He was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and, in 1929, was an Editorial "Men's Associate" on the Silver Spruce's yearbook staff. (Several of the photos in this collection may also be found in the 1929 Silver Spruce yearbook)

Duling was active in C.A.C.'s Tumbling and Gymnastics teams in 1927-28, and seems to have been involved in the Aggie Hikers Club as well. An actor, Duling was a member of the Dramatic Club, and went on the 1928 Dramatic Club Spring Tour in April. The Tour visited ten towns (including Salida) with a repertoire of: "Polly with a Past", "The Tempest" and "a matinee program of vaudeville variety". In "Polly with a Past" Duling's "Harry" was noted as one of "the outstanding characterizations of the play".

By Duling's junior photograph in the 1929 yearbook is the quote:

"Here's a health to the actor,
the man who here lives,
A hundred odd lives while most
others live one."

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