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Cherokee Park - Trail's End Ranch




"In 1920, Frank Miller came back home to Larimer County and purchased the Trail's End Ranch. The ranch is located at the end of Trail Creek, part of the North Fork of the Cache La Poudre River, and is overlooked by local landmark, Turkey Roost mountain. Frank spent $100,000 developing the ranch into a guest ranch that had a wild animal zoo and a wild west show.

The ranch had over 1,400 different kinds of animals. There were both domestic and exotic animals, many that were tame and could be handled and even considered pets: buffalo, mountain lions, raccoons, deer, skunks, bears. It was considered the largest private zoo in the world, and the only wild west zoo in America.

Bridge   Animals

Most of the animals had names. Frank could call from a quarter of a mile away and his pets would come running. The animals were spoiled. Frank would feed them sugar when they did a trick, particularly the bears. Frank's favorite pet bear went with him everywhere. Frank would take him for a ride in his car, cruisin' College Avenue. Frank taught the bear many tricks to entertain his guests at the ranch, even to drink beer out of a bottle.

Two   Bear

Frank Miller's ranch was known all over the country, and people would not only come from Ft. Collins, and Estes Park, and Denver, but from all across the nation. Frank was a very popular host and was great at entertaining. In 1925 more than 10,000 people visited Frank's ranch, including people from 25 foreign countries. Many famous people, like Will Rogers, and actors and actresses, were guests of Frank's". --from "Frank Miller and the Trail's End Ranch" by Tucker Hall, North Forty News, March 1996.

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