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Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 1927 - 1928

Founded at Boston University, 1909
Colors: Purple, Green and Gold
Flower: Violet
Gamma Pi Zeta Installed, 1922 -- Silver Spruce, 1929


The Freshman who comes to the Aggie campus is of every type. Often before the newcomer has even registered, he is hurled into the maelstrom of fraternity rushing. Over fifty were pledged at the beginning of the year to the several Greek Letter societies. According to prevailing custom these pledges are subjected to varied disciplinary measures as a test of their qualifications to become "good fellows."

In most fraternities, pledges enter the house only at the rear door, taking off their shoes when doing so. Performing various kinds of household drudgery as washing dishes, waiting tables, sweeping floors, watering the lawn, etc., is most ordinary. Also pledges entertain the actives by singing, telling stories, and doing numerous pranks. The big stick and the tub are ever in waiting for him who hesitates.

Paddling   Studying

"Hell week" on the eve of initiation was this year one round of pleasure for the full feathered members. Reversion to tree apes is made a near reality by one fraternity when pledges climbed trees at the whistle of an active. Compiling epitaphs from tombstones in the local cemetery was a piece of worthy research work conducted by pledges. Taking the census of Ft. Collins cats was a great social work. Other things such as carrying fresh eggs in their pockets and walking post to challenge all comers about strategic blocks created amusement for everyone but the pledges. "It's a great life if you don't weaken," was more truth than poetry. Those who survive the semester and pass a minimum of twelve hours are initiated into the "inner circle." -- from Silver Spruce, 1925







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