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Cow College Carnival - Spring 1928


The "Cow College Carnival" (also known as the Ag Carnival or the Livestock Carnival) was a yearly affair staged by the Livestock Club in which "the entire school participates". The carnival took place on "College Day", which was originally a picnic day. As the school grew, interest in the picnic lagged until finally the day was turned over to the club. The money raised was used to send the stock judging team to the Kansas City and Chicago stock shows each winter.

"The parade started at ten thirty in the morning. Thirteen large floats representing different phases of the livestock industry formed in line. There were also many freak conveyances ... [and] there were many clowns, some of them being very clever. In the afternoon was staged [a baseball or football game and] the regular wild west show - bucking horses, greased pigs, wild cow milking contest, tugs-of-war on horseback, potato races and other features. For the one who felt hungry, soft drink stands and quick lunch counters were located on the grounds. There were other concessions like egg throwing and ball throwing booths. Night brought on the big events. While the dance was going on at the horse barn, each fraternity ran a special booth [often featuring vaudeville acts]." --Silver Spruce 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927






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