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Fort Collins History Connection: an online collaboration of the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center and the Poudre River Public Library District
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Online Exhibits

Explore historical places, people, and events with an assortment of online exhibits and information.

Mildred McAnnelly These anecdotes are taken from newspaper articles and oral and written histories that are in the vertical files of the Local History Collections.
Coke sign painted by Don Brown Don Brown's artistic abilities were discovered at Fort Collins High School by his agriculture teacher, who encouraged him to develop his talents by attending art school. After graduating from the Denver Art Institute he worked as a freelance artist and opened his own sign painting company.
Jacobo Trujillo This exhibit provides an in-depth study of the Mexican-American in the Valley, a brief history of German-Russians in the area, and a report on Native Americans in northern Colorado.
131 S. College on far left in Colorado Block, c. 1908 This exhibit is a reproduction of the original text in the "1905 Chamber of Commerce Brochure" compiled and edited by R.H. White. The photographs are not from the brochure, but have been added from the Archive's on-line collection to illustrate some aspect of the description, i.e. the owner, type, or locations of the business.
Young woman dressed in a suit, c.1915 This on-line tour of Fort Collins Fashions focuses on a few selected photographs that portray the clothing styles worn by the community's elite, as well as the clothing worn by the average working family. Most of these photographs were chosen by Leslie Vollnagle in 1993 to be used for her graduate project in Historic Clothing and Textiles at Colorado State University.
Captain Evans Headquarters, officers in front of building, at the old fort, c. 1864 For this project, which emphasized the development of residential architecture and the central business district, a number of topical and chronological historic contexts were created. Within each topic, the influences shaping Fort Collins' residential and commercial development during particular time periods are explored.
Preston family Explore the history and architecture of Fort Collins during the years of World War II and beyond.
First National Bank This web exhibit gives us historic Brochure reproductions with historic photographs and information about two major banks, First National Bank and Poudre Valley National Bank .
Hottel House, 215 S. College The Hottel residence, razed to make way for the J.C. Penney store, was one of Fort Collins' most prominent dwellings. Its' tower was said to be patterned after the Colorado Agricultural College's Old Main.
Barn, Range 69 West, Township 6 North, Section 01 Larimer County's Agricultural landscapes are rapidly vanishing as the county continues to develop. Photographic documentation of the historic farm and ranch residences, barns, and outbuildings becomes increasingly important as many of the buildings are being demolished
Old Main A legend is a story from the past about a subject that was, or is believed to have been, historical. Legends concern people, places, and events. Usually, the subject is a saint, a king, a hero, a famous person, or a war. A legend is always associated with a particular place and a particular time in history.
Paddling at the Fraternity House Robert Duling hailed from Trinidad and attended Colorado Agricultural College (C.A.C.) from 1926-1928. He is listed as a freshman in the 1927 Silver Spruce. He was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and, in 1929, was an Editorial "Men's Associate" on the Silver Spruce's yearbook staff.
View of the railroad bridge going across the Poudre River in the flood of 1904 Various local events continue to spark the interest of Fort Collins residents and the worldwide community. Articles pertaining to these events will be featured in this section.
Livery Stable, 1884 Fort Collins Then and Now was designed by Mark Grigsby and provides a photographic tour of Old Town Fort Collins streets and buildings through the decades.
Courtlyn Hotchkiss In 1995 the City of Fort Collins held a year long celebration recognizing the contributions of our World War II veterans. June 6, 1995 was the fiftieth anniversary of the D-Day Invasion of Europe. The Local History Archive conducted an oral history project of Fort Collins veterans and citizens that focused on this time period.

Featured Exhibit
Preston family
Explore the history and architecture of Fort Collins during the years of World War II and beyond.

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