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Larimer County Maps

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There is an index and several historic and current maps that provide reference tools for determining the locations of the farms/ranches. First, there is the index to the 1915 map of the Irrigated Farms of Northern Colorado. The 1915 maps are also online:

Northwest Quarter -- Townships 6-9 North, Ranges 66W - 69W;
Northeast Quarter -- Townships 6-9 North, Ranges 63W - 65W;
Southwest Quarter -- Townships 1-5 North, Ranges 66W - 69W;
Southeast Quarter -- Townships 1-5 North, Ranges 63W - 65W
Larimer County and The City of Fort Collins provide other online maps for research purposes.

Additionally, the 1899, 1948, and 2004 maps below will also provide information to assist your research. To enlarge each map, click on the map and a new map will appear. Then click on the lower right hand corner of this map and a small square box with arrows will appear. Click on this box and the map will enlarge.

This 1899 map was created by Charles F. Davis.
It includes section grids, school districts compiled from the Official Plat Book of the County Superintendent, and historic roads, trails, and towns.

Larimer County, 1899

This 1948 Colorado Department of Highways map includes section grids, railroads, roads, place names, and natural features. Also includes general legend and inset maps of Estes Park, Loveland and Fort Collins.

Highway Map, Larimer County, 1948

This map of Larimer County townships, sections, and ranges was created by the Fort Collins Geographic Information Systems staff in 2004.

USGS Map, Larimer County, 2004

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