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Help - Viewing Results

Results may be viewed in a variety of ways and can be changed using Preferences.

To view an item within the search results, click on a thumbnail image or the hyperlinked text describing the item.

Each letter below corresponds to a definition of that element.

Search results

A. Global Navigation
Global navigation for searching, browsing, and working with items in collections.

B. Search Results
Displays the search terms.

C. Search Again
Returns to the Advanced Search page and retains collection and preference settings from the previous search.

D. Refine Your Search
Provides a list of matches organized by common metadata. Click an option to further narrow the results within your original search. Refine Your Search options may display for some collections and in some results views only.

E. Number of Results
Displays the number of items in the collection(s) that match your search criteria, as well as how many display on the current page.

F. Page Navigation
If your search produces more results than can be displayed on a single page, click the hyperlinked page numbers to view other pages.

G. Previous and Next Page
If your search produces more results than can be displayed on a single page, click Next or Previous to view other results pages.

H. Select All, Clear All, Add to Favorites
Use these links to add items to My Favorites. Select All activates all the check boxes on the current page. Clear All removes all checks from the check boxes. To add items to CONTENTdm My Favorites, check the boxes next to the items you want (or click Select All to check all items on the page) and then click Add to Favorites. See My Favorites for more information.

I. Column Titles
When column titles are hyperlinked, they can be used to sort your results. An arrow indicates the direction of the sort for that field.

J. Check Boxes
Use the check boxes to add selected items to My Favorites within CONTENTdm then click one of the links at the top and bottom of your search results to add or clear the selected items.

Help Topics

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