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Fort Collins History Connection: an online collaboration of the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center and the Poudre River Public Library District
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Help - Tips for Searching on the Site

Use the search box in the upper right corner of this site to do a search across all collections. You may also conduct a search on individual collections by using the drop-down menu next to the search box.
  • Enter a name, place, object, or subject. Record results will contain 'all' of the words entered. For accurate results, do not include "and" with your search terms.

  • If you are not getting results when looking for a specific address, try searching just for the street name without the number or street direction.

  • If you do not find anything when searching a full name, try searching by the person's surname (last name). Many historical documents list names differently, as initials or partial names. George Avery may be also listed as George Portner Avery, G.P. Avery, Geo. Avery, or Avery, George.

  • Try using the wildcard "*" to truncate words to broaden search results. Searching for "skat*" will get results for skating, skaters, skates, and other variations.

  • To narrow your search results, select a specific collection from the drop-down menu before entering your search terms. View a description of each collection and search and/or browse within them by visiting Research Collections and clicking on the individual collections.

  • Many items in the Archive, especially photographs, are given estimated dates to make searching by date ranges possible. We use the term "circa", sometimes abbreviated as "c." or "ca.", to define a 5-year span around an estimated date. For example, if a photograph has the date "1920 c.", then we estimate that the photograph was created between 1918 and 1922.
Sometimes you may come across a page with a lot of text and wish to find the keyword or phrase you searched. Use the "Find" feature by clicking Edit then Find in the upper toolbar of your web browser to bring up the search dialog box, or take a shortcut and press "Ctrl" and "F" together to bring up the search box.

Advanced Search enables more precise exploration of the site. You can search selected fields in a collection (such as title or image number), search by word proximity, exclude words in your search, and search between dates across collections. Please refer to the help topics to the right to learn more about the Advanced Search and other features of the Fort Collins History Connection database.
Help Topics

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