From the original Diaries of Philemon Perry Black

Black was an orchardist and farmer who lived on the north side of Terry Lake about three miles north of Fort Collins, Colorado.

A Short History of Philemon Black and His Family

Philemon was born in Nashville, Hanover Township, Chautauqua County, New York in 1825. In 1850 he married Hannah Scofield and they moved almost immediately to Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. Here, their son Charles was born. In 1855, they moved to Bethlehem, Wayne County, Iowa. Here, the rest of their children were born.

Charles Arnuh Black born in 1852, married Harriet Markley
Esther Belle Black born in 1855, married Rezin Dotts
Cora Black born in 1858 (who died at 3 years of age)
Frank Elsworth Black born in 1861, married Mary Soar
David Asbury Black born in 1863, married Mabel Gregg
Lewis Harvey Black born in 1866, married Mary McBride
Almeda Scofield Black born in 1871, married Dr. George Buffum

In 1873, the Blacks moved to Fort Collins because of Philemon's hay fever.
Philemon died in 1901, Hannah in 1907.
Charles died in 1936, Harriet in 1924, both in Red Bluff, CA
Esther (Ett) died in 1929, Rezin (Reas) in 1919, both in Fort Collins
Frank died in 1935, Mary in 1926, both in Toppenish, Washington
David and Mabel's whereabouts were unknown
Lewis died of a ruptured appendix in 1896 in Fort Collins, Mary was a nurse who lived in Denver in the early 1900's, then moved back to Fort Collins.
Mary "disappeared" after 1919.

Excerpts from Philemon's Diary [spelling has not been edited]

Friday, August 1, 1890
Another threatening day but didn't rain any here to amount to anything. Lew and Meda (Almeda) have not got home yet. I irrigated on John's place and mowed a little and finished hoeing the piece toward the barn and hoed the two little squash patches up toward the railroad.

Saturday, August 2, 1890
Fine as a fool and a good deal warmer. Lew helped John's folks haul hay and Dave and Mother went to town to hear that famous trial. I irrigated and hoed in the squash up on the Windy Hill place.

Sunday, August 3, 1890
We kept Sunday mostly but a little after noon Mother, Meda, Plummer and I went over to Mr. Hags and had a real nice time saw their Specimens and curiosities captured by the shotgun and got out of the ground and I think that Plummer really enjoyed it much. I think that they will have lots of fruit this season, especially apples.

Monday, August 4, 1890
About so so. Dave went to town. Lew helped J.H. Howards haul hay and I irrigated over on the Howards place and I worked at a front piece for the wagon rack for the boys had broke the one that we had.

Tuesday, August 5, 1890
Dreffel nice and awful hot. Dave and Meda went to town. Dave has just got home he brings word that Millington, his wife and sister were bound over to be tried for the murder of W.H. Avery at the Fall term of the court. Lew and I done various jobs. I fixed the wagon rack and we ground 3 sickles and worked in the garden some.

Wednesday, August 6, 1890
Fine hay weather. Lew helped J.H. Howards to haul hay. I cut alfalfa on the 10 acre piece East of the lake. Think that I done quite well considering I was using Sue and Sade.

Thursday, August 7, 1890
Nice but cloudy some towards night. Dave went to town and took the Denver butter and some apples. Lew raked hay and plowed some in the popcorn in the orchard. I mowed finished the 10 acre piece East of the lake and cut what was worthwhile up near the house at Windy Hill and we had a special alliance meeting here this evening.

Friday, August 8
Pretty good hay day but it rained a little towards night. Dave raked a while but gave it up and Lew finished the piece but didn't get the other little piece raked it was too damp. Mr. Dixon helped this forenoon and Mr. Birdsall all day after about 9 o'clock and Bert Burdick helped this afternoon and we got 6 loads good big ones mostly. I hoed out the rest of the big squash patch and part of the popcorn in the garden and helped at the hay some.

Saturday, August 9
Nice, but rained a little dab, just as it was getting dark. The hay was a little wet this morning so we hoed some corn in the garden but got four loads on the stack and good ones too. Mr. Birdsall and Bert Burdick were here to help. I went to town to see Mr. Avery and Mr. Alford and saw them this afternoon. I helped at the hay and hoed some and amused myself in various ways.

Sunday, August 10
Another of them fool days with lots of bluster but no rain. Went this morning to see how much damage Mr. Alford sustained last year, but we did not quite agree but maybe we will yet. Had lots of company today. Dotts and Charlie's folks were here and had a nice visit. Lew went up to Mr. Dickson's and cut a little hatch of native hay to sort of pay them for the use of their horse on their mountain trip.

Monday, August 11
Threatened lots but didn't rain here to amount to anything. We finished the stacking at Windy Hill and partly cleared away the old calf stable and changed the corral fence near the cow barn so as to make more room to stack the hay.

Tuesday, August 12
Spit rain quite a bit today and is raining a little now. Lew went over to haul hay for John's Howards folks and got one load and came home towards night and went up to Dickson's to see if we could get a hand there tomorrow at the seed alfalfa. I fixed up the yard ready for stacking and made a couple of gates, small ones, for the hay corral.

Wednesday, August 13
Slightly muddy this morning from last night's rain. We chored around this forenoon, fixed the hay corral and then ground sickles and at afternoon we cut seed alfalfa. Lew, Wil Dixon and Bert Burdick pitched it out of the way.

Thursday, August 14
Nice enough day but rained quite a bit last night. We fussed at choring around, fixing up the trees in the orchard to keep them from breaking down and grinding sickles in the forenoon. And in the afternoon Lew, Bert Burdick and Wil Dixon worked at the seed alfalfa.

Friday, August 15
Pretty fair day but a rained a little here this afternoon and looks like rain here yet tonight. We got in a pretty good day's work at the seed alfalfa. Lew, Bert, Wil and myself and seemed to have cut quite a bit too.

Saturday, August 16
Another of those silly fool days. Rained just enough to keep us from going ahead with anything. So we sort of fooled around in the forenoon. Mowing, killing skunks, hauling a load of hay and putting in a loft and, in the afternoon, Lew went up to the ranch, and Bert and I cleaned out the cow corral nicely. Nora and Frank Neece came today on a visit.

Sunday, August 17
Nice all day. Lew has not got back from Rough and Ready Ranch yet. I had the back door trot this morning for a while, almost to a canter, but I have got some better this afternoon. Nora and Frank went home toward night.

Monday, August 18
Wind blew awhile in the forenoon but it rained by spells most of the afternoon. We made quite a good stagger at cutting seed alfalfa in the forenoon. And, in the afternoon, did a little grinding, and that was all. Wil Dixon helped us.

Tuesday, August 19
The worst of the season drizzled by spells all day so that we could not do anything scarcely and that it was we did. Do nothing, and it seemed rather a poor way to make a living.

Wednesday, August 20
Mighty nice day but pretty wet in the morning. We caught some carp with the seine and tried to extract some oil out of the affal of them but don't know how it will turn out yet. Then cleaned out the big part of the barn and we mowed some in the orchard.

Thursday, August 21
Very fine all day. Lew went out after a load of wood. Bert helped J. H. Howards haul hay part of the day and then went with Sue and Sade to meet Lew. I finished mowing the orchard and went up and went over a good many of the ditches on the windy hill place and dug up the cockleburs in the afternoon. I went and set the water to running on the alfalfa on the Howard place.

Friday, August 22
Done very well until about 5 o'clock. Then we got maybe an hour of drizzling rain. We cut seed alfalfa. Dave Hendris helped us and Riley Wathan part of the day. I attended to the irrigating on J. H. Howard's place.

Saturday, August 23
Fine. We finished cutting the ripest of the seed alfalfa and got done a little before 11 a.m. Had Lew Burdick and Dave Hendris, then they and Dave Black went to the County Alliance this afternoon. I fixed one sickle and attended to the water, and Mother and I will start for John and Annie's soon.

Sunday, August 24
Didn't rain. We visited with John's folks and Dick and Frreed until about 4 then came home and I attended the water over on the Howard place. Lew and Burdick went up to the Rough and Ready Ranch, took up Logan and Beauty and brought down Grant.

Monday, August 25
Windy all day and just after sundown we got quite a shower. Lew and Bert stacked wheat, hauled five loads, killed the east piece and got a piece of one load from the other. I mowed in the native hay but it won't amount to much because I could not yet but a little water for it.

Tuesday, August 26
Very nice but quite wet in the morning. I turned off the water from J. H. Howard's alfalfa and it is well irrigated. Lew and Bert chored around in the forenoon. And, in the afternoon, finished hauling the wheat but left one load on the wagon. I mowed most of the day but I shocked up the seed alfalfa that was mixed with the grass on the natural meadow.

Wednesday, August 27
Real nice day. we finished up the blue stem hay, had three small loads. Then put a little green alfalfa on one of the wheat stacks and done some other extra chores.

Thursday, August 28
Nice day all over. We didn't do much today but go to the picnic, and we had a very nice time. Heard some nice speaking and ate lots of good grub and saw lots of old friends and new ones too.

Friday, August 29
Mother and Dave got home from Greeley today, and we were all glad, you bet! Lew and Plummer and Snip went to Rough In Ready Ranch and has not got back. Burdick fenced in stacks of wheat and raked over the wheat stubble. I mowed alfalfa over on the hill.

Saturday, August 30
Very fine day. I mowed some and raked some over on the hill and helped get sack of crabs for Chauncy Stevens and gossiped some with B. H. Eaton and old Jimmy Armstrong. Lew and Bert hauled four loads of seed alfalfa and one of hay, put it into the barn.

Sunday, August 31
Pretty nice but threatened rain some. Lew and Bert finished raking and shocked up the hay that I had cut over on the hill and got their dollar each for doing it. I went to town with J. H. Howard to see a little something about the ditch business. Talked with Thoman and Alford and Governor Eaton, but I don't know how much good it will do either.

Monday, Sept 1st
Nice. Rained a little. The boys shocked seed alfalfa part of the day and hauled the wheat rakings. I mowed quite a piece and got it most raked into winrows but had to stop on account of the rain. So I fixed the fence West of the lower orchard. Dave took some fruit into town this afternoon.

Tuesday, Sept 2
Quite nice mostly but threatened rain considerable. Lew and Bert put a load in the hay loft and helped at raking and shocking until noon, then hauled seed alfalfa in the afternoon. I finished cutting the piece over on the hill and then worked at putting up the hay and then dinkered at the machine awhile.

Wednesday, Sept 3
Quite nice. Lew and Bert hauled hay but they raked up what I cut yesterday. Dave went to town with some fruit and staid untill the alliance meeting in the evening. I went to town and to LaPorte to the ditch meeting find things quite mixed up. I don't know as we will ever get the snarls all out.

Thursday, Sept 4
Extra nice today. Lew and Bert hauled hay from over on the hill and got 6 loads. I helped in the forenoon in the afternoon I mowed in the piece of oats below the orchard. I find it a splendid crop of oats and quite a crop of buckwheat abd lots of weeds big and little.

Friday, Sept 5
Quite nice only the wind blew pretty brisk for most of the latter part of the day. The boys finished the piece over on the hill and in the afternoon they worked at the seed alfalfa. Dave went to town with some fruit and got the roan mares shod. I finished the oats below the orchard and then have been trying to get some water to irrigate the alfalfa ground.

Saturday, Sept 6
Some wind and some cloudy and quite cool. We picked quite a good load of fruit had Birdsall and Harry Dixon to help us then Lew and Mother and I went up to Rough and Ready Ranch. Got there about dusk and stayed in Lew's house.

Sunday, Sept 7
Clear and nice but pretty cool and had some frost in some places. After breakfast we went to hunt up the stock. Found all but five head of the horses and brought them down to the Whittiker Gate and salted them then came home. Got home about sundown.

Monday, Sept 8, 1890
Some considerable frost this morning but it has been a nice day. We cut seed alfalfa. Harry Dixon helped us but we didn't get quite through. Sold 2500 lbs crabs at 2cts per pound. E.N. Garbut gots them I think.

Tuesday, Sept 9, 1890
A little more frost this morning but a very nice day. We finished cutting the seed alfalfa then gathered the 2500 lbs of Hyslap crabs for Mr. Garbut and received his check for 50 dollars. Gave Den the job of cuting up the corn and am to pay him 87(?) dollars when he gets through.

Wednesday, Sept 10, 1890
Pretty fair day but quite squally towards night. Lew raked up the oats below the orchard then him and Bert went up to Windy Hill to haul seed alfalfa and made that their business but I don't know how much they got done. We ground 2 sickles this morning then I went to mowing over on Howards place and made that my business.

Thursday, Sept 11, 1890
Quite nice. The boys Lew and Bert worked at the seed alfalfa. Dave picked up some samples for Mr. Brenenger to take to St. Louis. 16 varieties and him and Mr. Hoag had 7 or so kinds before. So I think that we furnish about 25 samples. He then picked some fruit to take to town and went and took Meda's household goods. I worked at the hay over in J.K.'s field.

Friday, Sept 12, 1890
Clear, cool, and a little windy. Lew and Bert worked at the seed alfalfa. I raked up the hay over on Uncle John's side hill in the forenoon and in the afternoon I ??'d up a good lot of it.

Saturday, Sept 13
Nice. Dave took some fruit to town. Bert and Lew stacked oats, got a little over half of the piece. I shocked alfalfa on John's hill. Got done what is cut.

Sunday, Sept 14, 1890
Quite nice again. Lew went to Mr. Lambert's and has not got back yet. The rest kept Sunday pretty well. I went over to C.V. Howard's and talked ditch some. Gus and Ollie Carsuid were here today and got some plums.

Monday, Sept 15
Lovely today. Lew and Bert, with Dan's help finished the oats below the orchard and the seed alfalfa and fixed up the fence around the stacks. I finished mowing the big piece on the side hill this way and came near the long piece between the ditches.

Tuesday, Sept 16, 1890
Extra nice. Lew and Bert hauled 4 loads of hay. 2 to the Howard's and 2 to us. I cut the long piece and fixed the rake and raked into winrows about 2/3 of what I cut yesterday.

Wednesday, Sept 17, 1890
Nice today. Lew and Bert hauled hay and Jim Steele, John's man, helped them with John's team. Steele hauled 3 loads and Bert and Lew 4. I finished the raking and bunched the hay then this afternoon. I put a ledger plate on the out end guard and then cut the oats on the new breaking East of the lake.

Thursday, Sept 18, 1890
Pretty windy most of the day. The boys hauled 2 loads to Howard's and then we done sundry jobs. Lew raked up the oats on the new breaking and Bert and I ground 3 sickles and then we went and got a load of hay and brought home so we got 3 loads today after all.

Friday, Sept 19, 1890
Very nice. Lew and Bert hauled 1 load to John's and helped them to finish the big stack. It took them until about noon in the afternoon. They finished the stack West of the cow barn then hauled the oats from the new breaking East of the lake. It made one good big load. I mowed the green patches on the 10 acre piece.

Saturday, Sept 20, 1890
Pretty nice day. Lew hauled a little bit of hay which finished up the first batch on John's place. Burdick raked up some that I had cut East of the lake then they went to Rough and Ready Ranch. I went over to town to see about a contract between the Larimer and Weld Irrigation Co. and the Dry Creek Ditch Co. I brought home a load of coal then got ready and went to Dott's and stayed.

Sunday, Sept 21, 1890
Bright and shiney. We stayed and visited at Dott's until about 4 o'clock then came home and found things in good shape at home only Lew and Bert have not got home and I guess they have gone a galling.

Monday, Sept 22, 1890
Just as nice as they make them. Bert left today. Lew and I hauled a load of hay from the 10 acre piece and this afternoon I got a load of coal and he went to see about threshing our grain and c.

Tuesday, Sept 23, 1890
Quite nice again. Lew and I chored around this forenoon getting ready for the machine which came just before noon so we got a good start this afternoon and threshed out the wheat 176 bush and got about one third done threshing oats. Had Laferty ?? with their machine we had Mr. Dixon and Harry Den and another man.

Wednesday, Sept 24, 1890
Nice and pretty warm. We finished the threshing. Got through between 9 and 10 o'clock then the machine went to Harry Dixons and got him threshed out. Lew helped him. I fixed the barn door and feed chest and then cut up corn the rest of the day down in the garden.

Thursday, September 25, 1890
Very nice day again. We went to the fair OK. Found a very nice and large exhibit and a mighty lot of people to see it. Came home and found a Mr. Gore who came up from Denver recommended by Mr. Haywood. He is going to stop a while and try the climate hunting ducks and rabbits.

Friday, September 26, 1890
Pretty nice day. Hired Bert Burdick this morning. He has been choring around. Lew helped get some apples and then got ready to go to Greeley and started about 10 o'clock. I went to mowing over on J.K. Howard's and had Grant and Logan. Logan stepped on an old tin can or something which scared them and they run away and tore the machine bad and came mighty near killing the driver.

Saturday, September 27, 1890
Quite nice again. Dave went to town with the fruit and butter. Lew still at Greeley. Bert done various things. I sat around and nursed my bruises and read.

Sunday, September 28, 1890
Nice and pretty warm. Kept Sunday very diligently. Lew has not got home yet. Charleys folks were out and we had a nice visit.

Monday, September 29, 1890
Quite nice today. Went to town to buy a mowing machine. Bought an Osburn 5 ft cut. Brought it home but it didn't start off just right but got to running better just at quitting time. I went to LaPorte and attended a ditch meeting but it didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Tuesday, September 30, 1890
Quite nice and warm. Lew mowed until about 4 o'clock then helped to get ready and helped to thresh alfalfa seed while Dave chored about and hunted rabbits some with Mr. Gore; had good luck. Bert husked corn and helped at the threshing just night. I felt pretty mean from my hurt but bothered around looking after things.

Wednesday, October 1, 1890
Pretty nice on an average. Dave and I raked and shocked up what hay we cut over on Howards. He went to town this afternoon. I wrote to Sarah Shafer and Amos McKee. Lew and Bert helped thresh alfalfa seed. It is not turning out as well as I had hoped for.

Thursday, October 2, 1890
Very nice after a spell in the morning. We got through threshing about 3 o'clock. Had about 93 bushels when it is all cleaned out. We got the seed all taken care of so that now we are ready to go at something else.

Friday, October 3, 1890
Pretty fair only the wind got to blowing pretty hard so Lew and Bert came home with half a load of hay. They hauled a load to John's folks this afternoon. They put some into the loft. Sat around all day and that was about all I did do, Mother and Dave went to town rather late and have not got home yet.

Saturday, October 4, 1890
Rather cool and snowed up in the hills lots and pretty near here some of the time. Bert and Lew finished hauling the hay from J.K. Howard's field. Had one full load and a little over half of another brought them home. This afternoon Dave and Lew fixed up the alfalfa hay stack all right. I didn't do anything today hardly. Bert went up to the quarries to look for a job and got it

Sunday, October 5, 1890
Real nice only a little cool. Our youngsters and Bert and Harry Dixon went on a picnic excursion and the first installment have just got home. They went to one of the caves up in the foot hills. Mother, Aggie and I staid at home nicely and Den came here and helped me at the chores and we just got them done when they got home.

Monday, October 6, 1890
Rather a nice day. Lew mowed over in Howard's field. Dave went to town to take Meda and Aggie over and done some other errands. Bert went to the Red Stone quarries to work. I paid him 15 dollars this morning making just $50. I husked popcorn quite a good part of the day.

Tuesday, October 7, 1890
Some good and some windy in the afternoon. Lew mowed in the forenoon and got through cutting but it blowed too much to make good headway a raking so he fixed the horse stable. Dave hunted for a wagon to take hunting. I husked popcorn awhile then finished the forenoon choring in the afternoon. Sort of kept out of the wind.

Wednesday, October 8, 1890
Rather a cold, dull day. Lew raked and shocked all day. Dave went to town and brought out Doc Rose and he castrated Beauty. He also brought out Mr. D.M. Lewis who expects to go out on a hunt with Dave and Gore and Harry. I husked corn in the forenoon and shocked hay in the afternoon.

January 1, 1892
Diary kept by P.P. Black of Sunnyside Ranch near Ft. Collins. This morning was bright and clear and still but the wind blew quite hard some of the time. Today our family are myself, Mother, David, Lewis, Mary and Meda and Aggie. Today we done the chores and enjoyed New Years as well as we could. Bert Black and a young lady by the name of Kamey and a Mr. McKee were here giving Meda lessons in skating but I think by the figure they were making as I came down from Windy Hill that between the wind and the boys she had a rather hard time of it.

January 2, 1892
Weather very nice clear and still with thermometer marking 16 at 7am. Dave and Alex hauled sheep and cattle in the forenoon and Dave went to town in the afternoon. Alex chased around the barn some this afternoon. I fixed up a couple of stove griddle and that was most that I done.

January 3, 1892
A good deal warmer today. The thermometer 50 and the wind blew pretty much all day. We all kept Sunday pretty well for us. Alex went to town and brought out the mail. I set the water running into the cistern just about sundown and have 2 1/2 feet to fill up which was effectually done and now the cistern is full again.

Monday, January 4, 1892
Quite warm but windy all day. Dave went up to Spring Canyon with some supplies and he expects to--

[Editor's note: Rhoda Scofield Laing is Hannah Scofield Black's sister from Chautauqua County, NY.]

Saturday, October 21, 1893
Clear and nice. Lew helped Harry Dixon thresh awhile this morning then chored around some. Kib left this morning and this afternoon David and Rhoda Laing came and we were tickled sure we have visited strong, all of the time since.

Sunday, October 22, 1893
Splendid if we didn't need rain so bad. We visited with David and Rhoda hand over hand. We are getting acquainted some now and getting very much interested too. Frank's folks went over to Reas' this morning and have not got back yet.

Monday, October 23, 1893
Rather windy today. Lew plowed a little, harrowed it and chored around some. David and I strolled around and looked things over some. Will Cay was here this afternoon and the Western Rangers staying with us tonight.

Tuesday, October 24, 1893
Nice as ever. Will Ringland brought over their dehorning apparatus and we dehorned 17 head of cows and Old Joe. Got done about noon the horns that could be cut off they could lop off pretty fast but Old Joe's horns had to be sawed off. I worked part of the time at ?? so the would be a little narrower. David and Elmer went for rabbits and got 3.

Wednesday, October 25, 1893
A pretty darned rough day for the boys dehorned the cattle up at the ranch. 24 head of them. David and I went up with the little buggy and looked over the things up there but don't think that he wanted to buy it. We got home most froze and I am chilly yet.

Thursday, October 26, 1893
Mostly clear and rather cool. In the forenoon we made a headgate and fixed a place to ?? some fish in and this afternoon we made a haul(?) and put a lot of them in to it.

Friday, October 27, 1893
Rather a nice day but somewhat breezy some of the time. We cleaned out the cistern this morning and tried to run some water into it. Got it about half full and the water played out so we will have to wait and this afternoon Lew and Mary went to town and David and Rhoda and Mother and me went up to Charley's. Found Charley and Franks folks digging potatoes and the tubers were pretty good too.

Saturday, October 28, 1893
Very fine. Lew and David and Elmer went to town and got some blacksmithing done and visited for a business after they got home. Reas's folks were here a'visiting today too. I finished filling the cistern and irrigated the rest of the day down in the orchard.

Sunday, October 29, 1893
Nice again today. The Larimer Co. Ditch furnished us with a little water today for the first since I can remember. We got a little to run into the lake.

Monday, October 30, 1893
Just nice. Elmer and David went to town and got some sacks in the forenoon and Lew and I hauled the popcorn. Then this afternoon we threshed Mr. Farrer, done it with his machine. We had ?? bushels of wheat, 10 bushels of barley, and 99 bushels of oats. 17 bushels was raised here and 83 is to be divided with Mr. Larimer making his share 27 2/3 bushels. I settled with Mr. Farrer and paid him $10.92 in fish and the balance in cash.

Tuesday, October 31, 1893
Quite a good day. We fixed up the straw stack and cleaned up after threshing and then after dinner David and Rhoda and Hannah and I went to Reas's via Collins. Got there a while before night and found a huller there a getting out alfalfa seed. He had 30 bushels and was offered 7 cents a pound for it.

Wednesday, November 1, 1893
A very nice day. We and Reas and Ett, David and Rhoda and Hannah and me went down as far as 2 miles East of Windsor into the potato country. Stopped for noon at Mr. Charley Fards who is an extensive potato raiser. They were very kind to us and we saw some very fine potatoes and lots of them. Then drove back to Dotts' and visited hand over hand until bedtime then went to bed and slept the sleep of the just.

Thursday, November 2
Cold and raw all day but horrid this forenoon. We came home via of Collins, stopped and interviewed the kindergarten awhile and got home about noon and this afternoon we have done various small jobs.

> Friday, November 3
Real nice day, we chored around at one thing and another until about 2 o'clock then we fished. We caught quite a lot but not as big hauls as we did before the water was run in. We expect Meda home tonight and Frank has gone over after her with Dan and the single buggy.

Saturday, November 4
Very nice again today. Lew worked at leveling down below the orchard. I husked popcorn. David and Elmer hunted some in the forenoon and killed one or two wooden ducks.

Sunday, November 5
Beautiful. Charley's folks were here today and Bertie too. We visited very much and that was about all we did do.

Monday, November 6
Nice day but a little cloudy most all day. David and Rhoda and Meda and Elmer went to town this forenoon. They left Meda at Mr. Smith's and she went on to Boulder. Lew and I hauled in the corn this forenoon and this afternoon Lew worked at leveling the piece below the orchard and I shucked corn.

Tuesday, November 7, 1893
Election Day and I voted the pure Populist ticket too. The boys fished this forenoon and I made a ?? board. This afternoon we voted like little men I mean Lew and I.

Wednesday, November 8, 1893
Delightful day only a little cool this morning but David and Rhoda and Hannah and Lew and Elmer got off in pretty good time for a two or three days outing up in the Stove Prairie country. They wanted to see some rocks and I guess they will. Frank mended shoes a while and then helped me hoe strawberries. We got them cleaned out good too.

Thursday, November 9, 1893
Just nice and I suppose that the mountaineers are having a good time of it. Frank went to town this forenoon and this afternoon. Annie Dixon came about 2 o'clock. She said there was a little water running in the Larimer Co. ditch and they were fixing to run it into the Rocky Ridge lake. So we managed to get a little to run into the Windy Hill lake.

Friday, November 10, 1893
A cold windy day. The mountaineers got home a little before noon safe and sound and report a good time all around. Stayed at John Drager's last night. Frank and I tinkered around and attended to the water this forenoon. This afternoon Frank went to town and brought out the mail.

Saturday, November 11, 1893
Clear but a pretty cool breeze. We fussed around. Frank and Dave and Elmer and Mary went to town. Lew worked at clearing the ditch towards the lake part of the day. I worked at fixing up the ?? boards.

Sunday, November 12, 1893
Cloudy in the morning but cleared up in the middle of the day but was pretty cool and some windy. David and Rhoda and Lew and Mary went over to church and Lew and Mary rode on horseback to see how Mrs. Wright is. Report her out of danger thanks to a good constitution and a good nurse. I have kept Sunday with Elmer and mother mostly but went over to see Mr. Bee a while. He was irrigating with a small head of very dirty water.

Monday, November 13, 1893
Cold and windy but towards night it cleared off and got better. Lew and Dave went to town to the creamery and to take Frank over to where he is going to work on the big reservoir near Timnoth. Elemer and I marked out a couple of Percheesi boards. Frank shafer came here last night about milking time and stayed until about half past nine. This morning he was not feeling very well. Has something like a light attack of the Grip.

Tuesday, November 14, 1893
Pretty nice but pretty cold and raw. David and Rhoda and Lew and Mary got start on a sight seeing tour. They expect to visit Cheyenne on the trip. I chored this forenoon and afternoon. I painted some on the Parcheesi board and Elmer sort of looked.

Wednesday, November 15, 1893
Clear and nice and quite warm. The Cheyenners have not got back yet. Elemer went to town and Charley's and I put the red on the Parcheesi boards and then shucked popcorn the rest of the day.

Thursday, November 16, 1893
Clear and nice until near night when the wind began to blow and it got quite cold. The Cheyenders got back about 6 o'clock feeling pretty good but report some wind going up and it was pretty cold too. They got several prairie dogs and rabbits and a coyote. Also Elmer has concluded to start for home tomorrow afternoon so he went to Dotts' today. I worked at fixing the mangers at the stable. Got a little piece in.

Friday, November 17, 1893
Cloudy with a very cold wind. Elmer started for home today about 9 o'clock. Lew and David went over with him. They skinned coyote and rabbits this forenoon. I worked at the manger to the cow stable.

Saturday, November 18, 1893
Clear but cold. Lew went to the ranch today and fixed things up some there. He reports the stock doing fairly well yet. David and Rhoda and Hannah and I went up to Charley's and had a nice visit with them. Got home in time for the chores and have got them done.

Sunday, November 19, 1893
Clear and quite nice and getting quite a bit warmer. I went over to C.V. Howard's and we measured up the hay over there. My share measures 26 tons and 56 feet. Mr. Cushing had bought on Mr. Howard's part so I gave him his choice in the ends and he took the North end and so that leaves us the South end. The rest kept Sunday pretty good and some are getting ready for meeting.

Monday, November 20, 1893
Clear and nice and quite a bit warmer. We hauled a load of hay and put it in the pens for the cattle when we get them here and then we run the fence out into the lake quite a bit further and now it is about 2 feet deep where the fence runs. This afternoon Lew cleaned out the rest of the ditch toward the lake and I finished fixing the mangers so that the cows can get at the hay better and Uncle Dave helped us.

Tuesday, November 21, 1893
Cold and raw but not bad enough to keep us from visiting Mr. Cushings folks. Had a real nice time. Lew hauled some hay and fixed the feed racks and this afternoon went to the creamery and to town.

Wednesday, November 22, 1893
Snowed 4 inches last night and was quite cold today. Lew and Uncle Dave took Bert's heifer home. She had been here since the first of last March. They also took up to Charley's and put in the pasture three other cows. I did sundry other chores which kept me most of the day.

Thursday, November 23, 1893
Pretty cold all day. The thermometer marked at about zero here and about 7 below at Collins. Lew and Mary and me attended Mrs. Wright's funeral. She died yesterday of Typhoid Fever and Pearl is sick with the same now, so they think. David and Frank went to town and got a ton of coal. We had a little visit from Joe Bush.

Friday, November 24, 1893
Clear mostly and it thawed considerable in the road in some places. Lew and Frank went up to the ranch and got 10 head of calves and one 2 year old and Moses that they left at Charleys and they brought home the big roan heifers from Charleys they also put into the fattening pen.

Saturday, November 25, 1893
Rather a nice day. I've hauled one load of hay from the ten acre piece to the fattening pens and another from the same to the barn loft. Dave and Lew went to town but I don't know what after. Frank went and got his bedding.

Sunday, November 26, 1893
Most all day rather cool but thawed some too. Mr. Howard and Mr. Buffum came here and we measured up the hay and we found that we raised sixty tons and most a half so I have to pay for thirty tons and a quarter, 121 dollars. Ett and the girls were here today and tonight. Uncle Dave and Aunt Rhoda started for home tonight they had Mother for company and she will stay with them at Bert and Nellys tonight with them and tomorrow they will go to Boulder and will stay with Meda and Mother will stay with her until Wednesday night then Meda will come home with her.

Monday, November 27, 1893
Quite nice and thawed the snow most all off with a west wind. Lew went up to the ranch and took Maud up and brought down Stella and left her at Charlies and fetched the ones that I sold to charley home to break. Frank and I done a good many chores and shucked corn some and him and Mary went town this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 28, 1893
It commenced to blow pretty soon this morning and kept it up heavy all day. Lew and Frank hauled a couple of smallish loads of hay this morning and we laid down and covered the raspberry briars this afternoon and they killed Nacy Allen's calf just at night. I got the water started around towards the cistern this morning and commenced to irrigate the alfalfa north of the house too.

Wednesday, November 29, 1893
Mostly clear but a little too breazy some of the time. The boys hauled four loads of hay from C.V. Howards. I done sundry jobs but the biggest was filling the cistern and irrigating.

Thursday, November 30, 1893
Thanksgiving Day. The wind has kept up a howl more or less all day and towards night it got pretty cool. Lew and Frank hauled two loads of hay from C.V. Howard's today and this afternoon. Lew run the tanney(?) and trained Charleys colt and Frank run a shoe repair shop. I went up to Windy Hill and worked on the road awhile this morning then I attended to the irrigating and got the piece done.

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