Historic Maps

Historic Maps

The Archive has nearly 1500 maps in its collection that trace the history of Fort Collins, Larimer County, and Colorado. Some of the more frequently-referenced maps have been digitized, but the majority of the collection is not yet online and may be viewed only by visiting the Fort Collins Local History Archive.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are large-scale plans of a city or town drawn at a scale of 50 feet to an inch. They were created to assist fire insurance companies assessing risk of various properties, and they are very helpful for historical research.

Many Colorado Sanborn have been digitized and are available for online viewing using the Library District's Sanborn Map database.

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The Archive has the following paper copies of Fort Collins Sanborn maps:

  • 1886
  • 1891
  • 1895
  • 1901
  • 1906
  • 1909
  • 1917
  • 1925
  • 1925 amended to 1959

Popular Maps

FC00368 - 1865 Fort Collins
FC00040 - 1873 Fort Collins
FC00118 - 1881 Fort Collins
FC00349 - 1894 Fort Collins
LC00070 - Overland Trail, drawn 1965
FC00094 - 1908-1918 Streetcar Lines
CO00113 - 1915 Irrigated Farms
FC000147 - 1927 Fort Collins

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