The Poudre Valley National Bank of Fort Collins

Bank after remodeling, c.1954
Bank after remodeling, c.1954

As you have already noticed, the exterior of the building has attained a stately beauty by a covering of Bedford limestone and black granite. At the main entrance you will see beautiful Tubelite doors set in aluminum frames, with decorative details which are repeated on the vault door, check desks, and railing in the lobby.

On each side of the entrance, conference rooms are located, readily accessible to customers for consultation. The tellers' counter on the south side of the lobby contains space for eight tellers and several statement-clerks. The front of the counter is constructed of walnut inlaid with maple. Octagonal aluminum check desks are built around two of the main pillars in the center of the lobby.

At the rear of the lobby facing the main entrance is the safe deposit vault, which was built to provide the utmost security, ample space, and convenience. Stand-up counters have been installed inside the vault for the use of box-holders and private booths are located just outside the vault door. The number of boxes has been increased to 2140. A separate vault contains the Bank's cash and Trust Department securities. Guarding the vault entrance is a seven inch stainless steel door weighing 3 tons with triple time lock.


Behind the vault at the west end of the building is located the bookkeeping department, connected with the tellers' space by a corridor. Here you will find the latest ideas in lighting and decorating incorporated into a most efficient work-shop with up-to-the-minute bookkeeping machines. Acoustical ceilings are used throughout the building, but are of especial importance here.

In the northwest corner of the building, with a separate entrance on Mountain Avenue, is the Personal Loan Department. Since it keeps longer hours than the bank proper, its passage to the bank lobby is guarded by an accordion door.

On the north side of the bank lobby is the space for the officers, with the trust department in the rear.

Bank interior, c.1954
Bank interior, c.1954


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