Camp Collins

Special Order Number 1

Special Order Number 1, August 20, 1864

The order officially designated Fort Collins as a military reservation in 1864

Map of Overland Stage Routes, drawn in 1942

Dick Baker's Map of Overland Stage Routes and Stations in Larimer County

Fort Collins was established to protect travelers along the Overland Trail

Van Lennep Sketch

David Van Lennep's Sketch of Fort Collins, 1865

This sketch shows various buildings at the Fort Collins military post and the flagpole that marked the parade ground

MD Houghton Sketch

M.D. Houghton's Sketch of Fort Collins in 1865, drawn in 1899

Though drawn many years after the Fort was decomissioned, this drawing shows the many stables and buildings as they would have appeared at the Fort in 1865

Elizabeth Stone

"Auntie" Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone ran the officers' mess hall at the Fort and later went on to be a successful businesswoman

Elizabeth Stone Cabin

Elizabeth Stone's Cabin, 1866

Elizabeth Stone is thought to be the third woman from the left in this photograph

Evans' Headquarters Building

Captain Evans Headquarters Building, 1865

Captain William H. Evans led Company F of the 11th Ohio Cavalry at Fort Collins

Parade Ground

Fort Collins Parade Ground, 1865

This photograph shows the flag and Fort parade ground - note the similarities between this photograph and Van Lennep's sketch

Fort Building

Soldiers at a Fort Building, 1865

This Fort structure featured a winding staircase and an ornate wood porch


Soldiers at Barracks, 1865

Barracks were home to soldiers at Fort Collins - note the laundry hung out to dry

Old Grout

"Old Grout" Sutler Store, 1866

Known as "Old Grout" for the soft mortar used in its construction, this building served as a sutler store where soldiers could purchase goods

Linden Street

Looking South down Linden Street, 1878

By the late 1870s most Fort buildings had been moved or demolished - the log structure seen here may have been from the Fort

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