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News Flashbacks

Various local events continue to spark the interest of Fort Collins residents and the worldwide community. Articles pertaining to these events will be featured in this section.


Recollections: Early Days at Chambers Lake


In Fort Collins 67 Years Ago

Alfred A. Edwards Tells of Valley as It Was When He Came in 1869


Fort Collins as it Appeared To a Stranger 40 Years Ago

What an Outsider says of Fort Collins


1880 Drought Recalled By Pioneer Harvey H. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKibben Remember Fort Collins As It Was Back In The 1880s

When Jefferson Street Was the Center of Things

Ku-Klux at Work

Anheuser & Busch Bottling Plant

A New Comer's Impression

A Tribute to Those Who Made Fort Collins and Community

Fort Collins in 1880 - The State of The City: Muskrat holes

Fort Collins in 1881 - Beer Gardens and Cows

Fort Collins in 1882 - Hot times in the old town

Fort Collins in 1883 - On Curing sick Indians and shampooing cowboys

Fort Collins in 1884

Fort Collins in 1886

Fort Collins in 1888

"SQUEAKY BOB" Wheeler stepped off a C & S train at Fort Collins on July 13, 1885. . .

Remittance Men Found Life Joyful

Tie Hackers on Jefferson Street

Fort Collins As A Shipping Point

How The Manhattan Stage Got There 73 Years Ago


Cool Drink at Drug Store Pleasant Afternoon Event

Our Manufacturing Interests

A Model Market

Pleasure Resort Asset to City

Twenty Years Ago In Fort Collins


Estes Park Badly Shaken By '03 Quake

Mrs. Bair Recalls Early Post Office


Glad Peace Tidings Bring Joy Untold To Fort Collins

Fort Collins Man Reaps Life's Bounty


63rd Special Anniversary Edition


Plane Down Near Here

Officers Seek Fliers' Bodies

Going Up where the B-17 went Down


DC-6 Wreckage Found; All Fifty Aboard Dead

City Grew Most in Last 10 Years


Fountain, Many Other Mementos of Past Stand in Lincoln Park (now Library Park)

Stout: the town site under Horsetooth Reservoir

Street Names Recall Early History


[Lee Martinez] Farm's Past Studied

Linden Street Isn't What It Used To Be

... time was when that lonely spot saw happenings as horrible as any in the mist of civilization. ...more

... seven weeks on the way in our wagons traveling every day except Sundays and reached Fort Collins in December. ...more

Rev. McAdam purchased fourteen thoroughbred mares, together with four mules and a covered wagon to convey our outfit. There were no bridges over the large streams in those days... more

At that time the town was divided into two factions, the "Old Town" faction and the "New Town" faction and for many years a deep seated bitterness existed between the two... more

this year's drought is "the worst in local history. ...more

Cattails grew where the Poudre Valley National Bank now stands and only a few shanties filled the 100 block of South College Avenue. ...more

December 29, 1881
Brown & Law have opened their bottling establishment on Laporte Avenue...They have a refrigerator 18x20 for storing beer during the summer. ...more

These trains carry 20 to 40 cars each, and contain a great variety of merchandise. ...more

The first excursion and first passenger train ever run over the Greeley, Salt Lake and Pacific railway was from Greeley to Collins Sunday."(Oct. 8, 1882.) The train left Greeley at 9 a.m. and arrived in Fort Collins at noon. ...more

The historic "Old Grout" which had served as sutler's store in Army post days and later as post office, courthouse and community house was razed in 1882 and became the site of Stover's City Drug Store. ...more

The going industry of the area was the stone quarries at Stout... Most of the stone was used for building bridges, stations and roundhouses...more

Buffalo Bill Cody was in town in April where he was entertained by his boyhood friend, A. H. Patterson...more

The west side of the 100 block on South College Avenue was something of a swamp and to this day there are sump pumps in the basements of some of the buildings in this location....more

...College and Mountain avenues. There he found a bearded, rough-looking man who had turned his horses loose to graze in the streets, and was pitching his tent and building a camp fire....more

There were three brickyards in the town going full blast with a production of 35,000 to 50,000 per day. One of these was located at the corner of Myrtle and Peterson. ...more

...enjoying the warm sunshine and ... to sit down at a marble-topped table in one of the town's drug stores and sip a cool drink...more

...something can be accomplished in the way of manufacturing that will result in a fair profit to themselves and at the same time benefit the community....more

It would be difficult to find a neater or convenient market than this one. The entire lower part of the building has been refinished...more

Lindenmeier Lake, a mile and a half northeast of the city is a valuable asset to Fort Collins affording a beautiful and healthful resort free to the public. ...more many of us became concerned as to whether Fort Collins or Loveland would be the county seat, for Loveland began to grow like a weed and Fort Collins stood still. ...more

Here, at Fort Collins, is as fine a college as you will find in our eastern states. It is the State Agricultural college. ...more

...young English gentlemen who had come to the American West, either willingly or under parental pressure, "to learn ranching." If they did a lot of hunting and considerable "partying" besides, that was understandable...more

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